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Spiritual Blog: Raúl daSilva
A Brief Conversation at year's end.

Recently, I received a call from a friend of some 40 years. We first met when she was a young woman struggling in a job that was going nowhere at the ad agency that employed me at the time.  

What took place in the months I knew her back then, was my appraising her for a life helping others and, ultimately, I suggested that she return to school and study nursing, to become a RN. She decided to follow my advice. In the midst of her career as a nurse, as the decades rolled by, Parkinson’s came along and struck her down.  

In the ensuing years, while surviving on a limited income and with all the physical handicaps of the disease, a disorder of the brain that leads to shaking (tremors) and difficulty with walking, movement, and coordination, she began to take in abused and neglected animals. This included everything from abandoned, egg-laying chickens, battered horses, mules, cats and dogs and a small pig that would fetch the morning paper every day. She housed them in the large barn built by her father’s family generations ago. The funds for the care of these animals came from the small monthly medical retirement check sent to her by New York State, her last employer.

In the course of our conversation, yesterday, she confessed to me that she felt that she never achieved the dream of success held in her heart for so many years. Her life, apparently, was "a grand failure." I asked her to define success for me. She did and then I asked her to sit quietly for a few minutes. I explained that there is and has been only one measure of success and that could only project from the heart, which is the seat of the soul.

I told her that by being kind not just to people all her life, but all the animals through the years, many that had spent their final years in her loving care; she had achieved a great level of success. I explained that I did not possess the words to describe the honor I felt by knowing her. The only valid measure of success, I told her, is the kindness one brings to this world. It is the light wrought by valor and by the nobility of character.  

In allowing me to bring this wondrous truth to her, my dear friend, I realized that Providence had blessed me with a great and unexpected gift for the end of the year.    

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What is the Soul and Where is it?
We believe that time/space exists simply because we perceive it. Yet, those who have studied human perception within a metaphysical context know that it functions only here in the dream illusion of Earth, in a dimension or frequency of energy. The soul projects everything it appears to perceive, or put into simpler language, it creates all of it. All form is energy. There is nothing but energy beyond consciousness. Matter, or form, is a special state of energy and at any point can be reverted to pure energy. It is all a light show. We embed in the illusion of time/space and come to believe in it, much as some embed in belief systems so strongly that when challenged they will actually kill someone who does not agree.  

This is both bizarre and fact. We know that all wars in history have been fought over differences of opinion, from being enslaved by a tyrant to being outraged enough to threaten or take the life of someone because he or she draws a depiction of someone or some thing believed to be God or a representative of God. Yet, as one cannot describe infinity, no one can describe God. The simple thought of God draws hard and fast limits to any concept of God.

In the end, the Soul is not inside its own projection any more than a film projector is inside the projected image on a screen. The Earthly experience is but six to ten brief decades, sometimes quite less…as we create the illusion of the passing years. It all depends upon the purpose of incarnating or engaging into this frequency. It is my belief that everything has a purpose and that order is real, while chaos is the limited view of absolute order. As for what it is, the human mind cannot fathom what it is any more than it can fathom infinity. Both are eternal and not subject to the illusion of time/space. The limits of perception also prevents us from knowing very much about what there is beyond this illusion in the very thin sliver of visible light within an infinite electromagnetic spectrum.

Does God exist?  It is that It is.  We are the instant and immediate proof of Source or One.