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Spiritual Blog: Raúl daSilva
The Nature of Spirituality
Spiritualy is the nature of existence.  Spirituality is comparable to religion, as one would compare the physical body to the clothes that it wears. All religions are an approach to spirituality. Typically, a religion has at its center, a God or a Supreme Being. Spirituality has as its center, the Self. Thus, an atheist can be spiritual. Most religionists, however, believe themselves to be spiritual and they attempt to relate their existence to a Supreme Being. That is the basic difference.  

The nature of spirituality in its pure sense sees the mystery of existence as inconceivable by the human intellect. However, it shares with some religions, certain truths. Among these truths is the absolute connectivity of not all living things but all things that are in human perception. This connectivity then creates sets of comprehensions of human behavior.

Among these comprehensions are compassion, kindness, non-judgment, patience, and all other behaviors that fall under the term Love. Love, when real, requires no expectation.   At the bottom line is the connectivity.  This is taken further by some spiritual beliefs that we and all that can be described as we, is One.   Thus, as the sages tell us, what we do to others we do to our selves.  This is simple logic.

1. The lavender bar represents infinity and the eternal, nameless oversoul that dips into an altered (Illusory) mind-state that we presently call space/time or "Earth life."  

2.The small, green line represents any one of countless identities assumed in the ephemeral "dream."  The dream seems like the totality of all of life.  Our present identity with all of its massive detail becomes fixed in the mind as reality. This altered state is illusion in its entirety from the body on outward to all that is projected from Self that the identity believes it perceives.

3.The countless identities are cumulative and make it possible for the oversoul to "become" godlike as it learns to create worlds.  

4.The green line is a point of power at this current time/space juncture and it must attempt to blend with or re-connect to the Oversoul (after birth entry into Time/Space) through meditation and other methods of “daily practice� during the ephemeral sojourn on the Earth Plane.  Sleep allows for periodic reconnection.  Without this constant reconnection, the body cannot be sustained, begins to deteriorate and eventualy the soul must be projected outward.

5.During this “brief� sojourn this point of power that takes on a brief identity (roughly up to 10 decades of "Earth years" at best at this particular “date� (500 years ago it was five decades at best and most people were diminutive. Ponce De Leon; for example the discoverer of Florida was only 4'11". Anne Hathaway who was William Shakespeare's wife in the same period, we know was 4'6".) Thus, the Earth Plane intervention is changed as consciousness changes so does the eternal Oversoul. The only constant in the eventuality of all existence being change.

6."What the present identity holds in its mind creates the experience," as in the immediate past century, Venice Bloodworth, Florence Scovel Shinn and many other mystics and sages have said from the beginning of recorded spiritual thought.

7."Positive visualization held will alter everything even the bodily construct."  Again, an old belief held by metaphysicians
and proven in cutting edge modern medicine.

8.The ephemeral identity is the conduit to the Oversoul, helping it become a creator as it is immersed in the density of time/space where "time" serves as a buffer. The buffer prevents a held thought from changing everything instantly as it does in the greater world (described by Kabbalah) or “the other side�, thus continuously fine tuning the ability of the Oversoul.

9.In the memory of the Earth Life identity (the Akashic Record) the ephemeral identity tends to believe that a held thought should change things immediately as it does on the other side. It does not. However, as Edgar Cayce said repeatedly, "Thoughts are things." We learn to manage thinking and to direct it creatively. This is the central purpose of "Earth Life." As "real" as our senses tell us all of this is, we, in fact, are not really “here� at all.  The perceptions we have tend to lock us into the illusion.  The malleability and thus, the illusion of perception can be changed easily, however, by mind altering drugs.

How can I be successful in my life?

Success is not wealth, fame, or the amount of objects one has collected, nor is it the social, political or business grade one has attained. If you have these things, what, really, have you accomplished? They are all only temporal things. None of it will or can endure for any length of time. What has a person attained who is known throughout the world but despised as well?

The only true success is being of value to others, being a light upon the world. If we are kind to others, despite their own behavior, we feel a sense of personal worth.  Love is all there really is and all the rest is shadow.

Only when we learn to love ourselves can we experience true love from others. We can be kind to others through patience, compassion, tolerance, generosity and selflessness. This is success in life. Being loved by others who have no sense of expectation of you but simply love you for what you are, is success. There is no other success. 

Ponder this truth. This is really the idea behind the annual celebration of Christmas. The truth is borne out in fiction, repeatedly. Stories such as Charles Dickens’, A Christmas Carol or Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life, from the short story "The Greatest Gift", written by Philip Van Doren Stern, demonstrate this truth.  

This basic and simple lesson is the reason behind incarnation into this dimension. There is no other lesson to be learned here.

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The Concept of Death.
Repeating, we are not a body.  A body is a shroud of electrons, energy that allows us to relate to a frame reference of energy in forms, that is also labeled a "reality."  This is a logical, provable truth.  It is empirical. The body with which we associate, which many believe themselves to be, is a river of energy in a constant state of change.   As we observe it, it begins to deteriorate and it eventually stops to function and begins to return to a state of energy.  Who we really are, is left with memories of perceptions and history intact.  As we perceive, we begin to understand the truth of what we are.  We are consciousness not bound to what we term as space and time.   We are mind and mind creates realities.

The average person fears "death" or the phenomenon of the termination of function of a body.  Once we become both intellectually and emotionally aware of the fact that we are not a body, the fear of death disappears.  One logically cannot fear what does not exist. 
This is a list of helpful considerations when attempting to determine spirituality.

1.There is no “up� or�down.�
2.Humans cannot exist away from sea level on Earth for very long.
3.Matter is a word describing energy in a special state.  
4.The room one inhabits, everything, including, Earth and the body, are forms of energy.  
5.Consciousness is not energy although energy can be thought of as part of Consciousness.  
6.Consciousness uses energy to create form.
7.The finite mind cannot determine infinity any more than an ocean fits inside a thimble.
8.Since time and space are illusion, it is reasonable to understand that consciousness is eternal
  as there is no true Alpha nor Omega.
9.The only constant in the universe is change.
10.Consciousness creates frames of reference called “realities�. These realities can be called “dreams.�
11.Within the realities, consciousness takes on different identities in different, ever-changing frames of reference.
12.Other names for Consciousness are God, Source, Providence, The One with no other.