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The answer to this simple question is the fundamental building block of spiritualiy.   The anwer is no. "We," what is conscious, that which we mistakenly take for brain function since it functions through the brain and nerve system of the body, is not part of the body but connected to it.   The connection is severed upon the death of the physical body.  Yes, the body dies.  Once Spirit or Soul leaves it, it quickly begins to deteriorate.

To begin to gather data that supports the answer I strongly suggest to come to an understanding with the phenomenon of reincarnation.   Reincarnation is fact. It is not just a religious tenet (some religions do support it) nor is it a matter of faith.   It is empirical, scientific fact.  A good number of scientists are spending their lives on its study. One of the first was Dr. Ian Stevenson.   I suggest reading up on his work.  You might want to begin with this website:

A second (contemporary to this writing) approach is being conducted by Brian Weiss, MD:

Google or Bing Michael Duff Newton, PhD.  His work with past life regression is extensive with four books documenting his work.   ​There are many other sources, also sites by skeptics and others who cannot fathom that we are in the midst of infinity and that the finite world is illusory.  They are, essentially, married to fear and have closed their minds to the truth.  We see this as constant theme in the long history of human awakening.   Conduct your own search with an open mind and begin your own ascension.  

Be certain of this:  Every human being, no matter the level of intelligence or education, categorization, grade of belief or non-belief in anything beyond itself or even non-belief in self, is gradually but inextricably lead to seek his or her own self-realization.
 It is the imperative of consciousness to expand beyond self-imposed limits. We are all homeward-bound and, eventually, we all return home to that place that is theoretical but quite inconceivable to the limited human level of consciousness.   

All there really is, is consciousness.  Matter is energy in a special state and it is just a potential or possibility of consciousness.   The world and/or the Universe do not exist outside of consciousness.
Adjective:Of, relating to, or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

Since the event of a mystical experience in Pittsburgh, on my way from downtown to the University of Pittsburgh campus, my avocation has been ontology and metaphysics.  This took place in order to attempt to unravel the mystery of what I had experienced.

Some years ago I documented the event on a website, set up by Cynthia Larson, a mystic who lives in the Bay area of California.
​(see article, just below, The Truth About Being Alone.)

This site has been created in order that I might share some of the data and information I discovered along the way.  This is not a forum so those who have questions are free to contact me at the email address given on this site.  
Your patience is requested, as I might not be able to get to your question immediately.


None of us is ever alone, nor can we be. Those who believe they are alone are limiting themselves to sense perception, the finite aspect of themselves. No one is or can ever be finite. The perception of being finite has to do with the idea that we are our body. Further, the perception of “TIME� is an illusion. Time does not exist nor can science prove its existence. We are entities experiencing eternal realities that are in fact not “real†but frames of reference created for various purposes as we move on in our eternal adventures.

We are not a body. The amount of evidence of this fact is overwhelming and is everywhere on line. Google terms such as:

Out of body experience,
Near death experience
Astral plane
Spirit guides

My search for the secrets of existence (or ontology) began in 1967 during a bus ride from downtown Pittsburgh from my office where I worked for the internationally important public relations firm, Burson-Marsteller, to the campus of the University of Pittsburgh where I was attending two back-to-back classes in advanced writing. Many years ago, I documented this special human event on Cynthia Larson’s long running website, reality shifters.

Here is a link to my article on the event. I am, of course, open to anyone who has questions about it.


Since that time, I followed a daily practice that expands my perception from the finite, limited sensate reality to the infinity that is beyond the body. I was able to contact Spirit Guides. Then, I discovered that each of us is assigned one or more guides at birth. They remain with us during this, what we call a lifetime.   This lifetime is a brief visit into a third dimension, or Earth plane. Earth plane is endless patterns of electrons called physical reality. Physical reality is an illusion. It is also in a constant state of change, the first clue of its unreality. Logically, nothing relative is real. If we look at a piece of steel through an electron microscope, we see that steel is just empty space and electrons. Electrons are force fields, nothing more.  

We enter this dimension in order to co-create a frame of reference.  We can call this, "The world" but it extends to the farthest reaches of our imaginaton.  The only way we can enter is through an existing host of the DNA code.  In this way, a physical vehicle is formed.  We then identify with this form to the extent where we come to believe the form is who we are.  In fact, there is no body but the constantly changing sheath of electrons we call a body.  The body, of course, is never the same from moment of perception to moment of perception.

With some practice, we can also contact the consciousness of our loved ones, those who have already left this illusory frame of reference and returned home, to the endless realities beyond this brief sojourn.   

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